Who's gonna drive you home?


The Danish Police and the Road Safety Council has launched this campaign, that goes with out words. The poster says: “Who’s gonna drive you home?” and shows these vehicles:

  1. Taxi
  2. Bus
  3. Police car
  4. Ambulance
  5. Hearse

We should be better at helping each other home safely when we have enjoyed alcohol, says the police and the Road Safety Council. Alcohol is involved in too many serious accidents in traffic. The police now sends powerful appeal to motorists to leave their cars after drinking. In one in five traffic fatalities are alcohol involved, showing the latest accident figures from the Danish Road Directorate. Although the number of drunk drivers on the roads has fallen sharply over the years, so alcohol is still one of the biggest killers in traffic. Therefore put the police in these weeks extra in with alcohol roadside checks in relation to the many Christmas parties. They have now made an alternative Christmas cards inspired by an earlier campaign from countries including Iceland and Norway. With this image, the police will remind motorists of the consequences it can have if you drive drunk driving. (Press release)

If you’re still wondering, who will drive you home tonight – please feel free to watch this original video from The Cars while considering: