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Carlsberg 1883

We Danes like to share. It's in our nature. But why is that? Is sharing simply The Danish Way? Mads Mikkelsen explains why the Danes...

The world through the eyes of the Little Mermaid

In 1903 the New Carlsberg Foundation donated the statue of the little mermaid to the city of Copenhagen. Since then she has seen 114 years...

Made The Danish Way: The bicycle maker Rasmus Gjesing

Rasmus Gjesing, known simply as Cykelmageren - the bicycle maker - lovingly creates each bike handmade to order from his workshop just outside Copenhagen. His...

Commuting – The Danish Way

A to B… To and fro… Everyday you guys embark on the dreaded commute. On average spending 10,634 hours travelling to and from work. So, what’s...

Fly with drones discover the castle that comes from beer

Frederiksborg Castle has always been a symbol of the Danish heritage. So in 1859, when it burned down, the whole of Denmark was left in...

Fly with drones and discover the art that comes from beer

The son of our founder, Carl Jacobsen was very fond of classic art and during his life had put together a very fine collection. Likewise...

The history of Carlsberg

Made for the 160th anniversary of the Carlsberg brewery. Founded in 1847 by visionary brewer J.C. Jacobsen.

Carlsberg – The Danish Way

Many say we Danes are one of the world’s happiest nations. So what’s our secret? Living life the Danish way, of course: enjoying a work-life...

The world’s most unsafe for work video. Probably.

Warning: This video might trigger your lust for a nice, cold beer.

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